Friday, March 7, 2008

Drive Season 3

The Drive crew spear-headend by Mike Vallely cruised up the Brazilian coast en route to Rio de Janeiro. Along the coast we crossed paths with a beachside skatepark with massive concrete vert ramp and other 70´s addities. Mike V. Levi Brown and the Drive crew spend the afternoon there skating and documenting. Than hit the scenic coastline that lasted deep into the night before arriving in Rio de Janeiro.
Throught the popular film, "City of God" people wordwide became familiar with the Favela n Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The area is most knows for the many problems including violent police, drugs and overall harsh living conditions. Mike V and crew caught wind of a different story going on, community activists the City of God encouraging education and recreationas a path towards a more positive lifesyle. They were wecomed in to experience this first hand. Skating can sure take you down some amazing paths. On the last day the got started with a visite to the iconic image of Rio, the Christ that stands atop one of the talest points. The crew then headed to a neighborhood skate park where Mike hung out with the kids, finished up some interviews for the show and completed the day with a demo.

Mike V. frontside air

Levi Brown follows with a 360 flip

Mike V 180 melon

Mike and City of God guides

Christ and Mike V

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