Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oi Vert Jam @ Feb 29th Mar 1st, 2nd Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Oi Vert Jam is part of the events called Grand Slam for the WCS and count points for the Ranking of 2008 WCS, circuit that this year still more is reduced. The calendar of events Grand Slam WCS 2008 counts on only three confirmed stages: the OI Vert Jam in Rio De Janeiro, Mystic Sk8 Cup in Prague and the Maloof Money Cup in Califórina. Others two foreseen stages to happen this year had been cancelled: case of the Slam City Jam of Canada and the WSR in Holland, reducing still more a small circuit already.

Final results:

1º - Bob Burnquist (BRA) – 93,33

2º - Sandro Dias (BRA) - 91,33

3º - Lincoln Ueda (BRA) – 87,00

4º - Marcelo Kosake (BRA) - 86,33

5º - Neal Hendrix (EUA) – 84,67

6º - Jussi Korhonen (FIN) – 83,00

7º - Joe Gratzer, (EUA) – 80,67

8º - Edgard 'Vovô” (BRA) – 79,67

9º - Mizael Simão (BRA) – 70,67

10º - Marcelo Bastos (BRA) – 68,33

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