Monday, March 3, 2008

Skateboarding is design

Pierre Andre, president and CEO of Sole Technology, parent company of leading action sports footwear and apparel company etnies, continues to push designs that are created with skateboarders in mind and consist of a unique blend of fashion, durability and quality.

Channeling his same creative spirit for innovation, Pierre Andre jumped head first into exploring other avenues of design by seeking to understand architecture, interior design and other eco / sustainable concepts. Pierre Andre made a partnership with Gil Le Bon De Lapointe, skater and designer for over 20 years in the action sports industry in visual marketing and merchandising, More recently, he has teamed up with Pierre Andre as his chief interior designer for a variety of residential and commercial projects and together they have come up with the SKATE STUDY HOUSE concept.

Living the lifestyle is what is paramount for Gil and this is what fuels his constant inspiration for all his design innovations.More information on the website you can check something about skateboard designer.

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